Милан Милетич, bagirabg82 AT yahoo.com

г. Москва

Дата рождения — 29.08.1982

187 см, 87 кг

Личные рекорды:

  • IRONMAN — 11:58 — Nice (2010)
  • Лучшие результаты на период 2005—2010

  • IRONMAN — 11:58 — Nice (2010)
  • In my country (Serbia) i was one of founders of this running site www.trcanje.rs (its about running) and NGO for helping young people to get more in sport and active way of life. So every weekend we would organise group training on lake we would put our equipment in caffe where we sould come bac after running for a cup of tea of coffie. And im running now 4 - 5 days in week and swim 2 days, i had to sell my bike before i moved to Moscow (((

    I got my in Nice like a present from one of my clients, and he present it to me just 3 month before competition so i just had 3 month to preaper for that ))) I hope i will buy new bike here so next year i could do also some races.

    I have finish sport sience university in my country so i was in sport all my life, former cyclist and than later started to swim and run for fun, but really for love never i tried to be profesional for money.

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